What’s been happening at Hastings Public School?

Our Junior AECG have recently been involved in making a collaborative artwork. Each student had to design and dot paint one piece of a jigsaw puzzle, which was later glued together. This artwork reinforced the concept of belonging.

Learning about Aboriginal symbols

The students were keen to learn more about Aboriginal symbols. One activity that students completed involved using Aboriginal symbols to communicate stories to their partners. The partners had to look at these symbols and interpret them to gain an understanding of the presented story.

NAIDOC Week celebrations

NAIDOC Week is just around the corner, so, with our Junior AECG committee, we have organised a fantastic Week of NAIDOC celebrations where students will be tasked with creating Indigenous Australian animals out of papier-mâché. Our students and Junior AECG committee are excited to lead the NAIDOC Week celebrations.

Story contributed by Jason Kelly from Hastings Public School. Published in 2017.